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We, as “Vidhyarjan Institute”, are privileged and pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading, established & professionally skilled organization who spread the knowledge to the new generation & doing our bit in building our nation. Vidhyarjan Institute was founded in 1998 by Late Sh. Yog Raj Sharma in his house with academic support from his family. The team was very small with the members of his family only; all of them are qualified with various credentials viz. B.Sc., B.Ed., M.A., B.Tech, and B.Com. It was the passion & inclination of the family towards “Spreading the knowledge” it acquired in the field of education, which motivated our Director to open & run an institute. With the dedication & hard work of the “Team Vidhyarjan”, the organization acquired a very good image in this sector in no time & sustaining the same till date.

» Unique Procedures: Learning is made easy for the students by means of simplified procedures of teaching.
» Getting the Basics Right: We work on making the “Basics” of the students’ right so that they can understand the complex part of the subject very easily.
» Progress Review: We monitor progress of the students by taking regular tests. The frequency of the tests depends upon the CCUC of the student.
» Helping Poor Students: We as active citizens of our country also feel that it is our duty, as educators, to coach students from all economic sectors. Thus we have a special batch for students who do not have an economically affluent background. 
» Counseling: We provide Counseling & Pay Special attention to the Weak Students.
» Quality overrides Quantity: We provide “Quality Education” to our Students. We have limit the number of students in a group as “Four”, so as to ensure proper attention to each student.

Whenever a student approaches to us for the tutor, our representative (preferably from board members) analyze the student’s current level of intelligence, we call it “Current Concept Understanding Capability (CCUC)” - 

  1. It is based on the marks obtained by the student in the last exam (for new classes, last class marks are considered)
  2. The exam answer sheets are reviewed so as to analyze the mistakes made by the student in the last exam / class; it helps us to understand the “Current Concept Understanding Capability (CCUC)” of the student.
  3. If required, the student is given an assignment from the last class or from the syllabus covered so far by the student of the current class. The assignment shall be checked & reviewed by our experts for obtaining the CCUC of the student.
  4. Once CCUC of the student is established, we assign him the tutor with the corresponding “Concept Making Capability (CMC)” so as to achieve the best possible results at the end.

Whenever a tutor approaches to us for the tuition, he is called for personal interview to obtain his “Concept Making Capability (CMC)” –

  1. It is based on the academic record of the tutor, i.e., the marks obtained by the candidate in his student hood. Academic records for tutors are reviewed from 10th Class onwards.
  2. The candidate is then given an assignment (30 minutes); the exact CMC is corresponding to the marks obtained by the candidate.
  3. Based on the CMC the tutor is assigned tuition so as to get maximum output from the student.

We have a very attractive & competitive fee structure which suits to the student’s pocket as well as time. Fee may vary in different areas & the option chosen by the student. 
We also provide FREE trial classes. If the Student likes it & wish to continue with the same tutor, the trial class shall be included in the first month. We also provide Fee concession to the needy & intelligent students.

For more details about our “Fee Structure”, please contact us.

Referral programs for Students:

» If a student refers a student to our Institute, he / she will get certain percentage of student fee as a commission. 
» There is no limit on the number of referrals for any student, so it is up to a student how much commission he wants.

For more details, contact us at vidhyarjan@gmail.com





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