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We at Vidhyarjan believe that every student is equally intelligent to able to understand the concepts of the class in which he study, it is the role & responsibility of the teacher to go to the level of the student & make him understand the subject from that level to the highest possible level required for the subject. Hence we always provide the best teacher / tutor to the student so as to get the maximum output from both, which ultimately enhance the image of Vidhyarjan Institute.

» Unique Procedures: Learning is made easy for the students by means of simplified procedures of teaching.
» Getting the Basics Right: We work on making the “Basics” of the students’ right so that they can understand the complex part of the subject very easily.
» Progress Review: We monitor progress of the students by taking regular tests. The frequency of the tests depends upon the CCUC of the student.
» Counseling: We provide Counseling & Pay Special attention to the Weak Students.
» Quality overrides Quantity: We provide “Quality Education” to our Students. We have limit the number of students in a group as “Four”, so as to ensure proper attention to each student.

» Sharing the Knowledge: We believe that Knowledge increases when shared & hence we provide all our experience with our tutors.

» The Best out of Best: We provide best share to our tutors because we believe that a person gives his best if he gets the best.

» Training & Assessment: We provide necessary training to the tutors, if required. We also give special assignments to our tutors as we believe Individual needs Self Assessment.

» If a student refers a student to our Institute, he / she will get certain percentage of student fee as a commission.
» There is no limit on the number of referrals for any student, so it is up to a student how much commission he wants.

For more details, ping us at contact@vidhyarjan.com

We have a very attractive & competitive fee structure which suits to the student’s pocket as well as time. Fee may vary in different areas & the option chosen by the student.

We also provide FREE trial classes. If the Student likes it & wish to continue with the same tutor, the trial class shall be included in the first month. We also provide Fee concession to the needy & intelligent students.




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Vidhyarjan Team heartiest greets to all of you and welcomes you to a one stop solution to all your coaching needs anywhere in the World. If you are a student looking for an “etutor” for excellent academic results; or a parent in search of a Quality “Online Coaching Academy” for your child’s academics; Vidhyarjan is the place you need to be at.

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