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This course is test series for class 7 science. All chapters are included individually and also a final test for all the chapters are included in this course.

Test Series contains multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks true / false, etc.

You can check your results, leader board in your dashboard.

Course Curriculum

Ch 1: Nutrition in Plants
Gr7-Sc-Ch1 00:05:00
Ch 2: Nutrition in Animals
Gr7-Sc-Ch2 00:05:00
Ch 3: Fibre to Fabrics
Gr7-Sc-Ch3 00:05:00
Ch 4: Heat
Gr7-Sc-Ch4 00:05:00
Ch 5: Acids, Bases and Salts
Gr7-Sc-Ch5 00:05:00
Ch 6: Physical and Chemical Changes
Gr7-Sc-Ch6 00:05:00
Ch 7: Weather, Climate and Adaptations of Animals to Climate
Gr7-Sc-Ch7 00:05:00
Ch 8: Winds, Storms and Cyclones
Gr7-Sc-Ch8 00:05:00
Ch 9: Soil
Gr7-Sc-Ch9 00:05:00
Ch 10: Respiration in Organisms
Gr7-Sc-Ch10 00:05:00
Ch 11: Transportation in Animals and Plants
Gr7-Sc-Ch11 00:05:00
Ch 13: Motion and Time
Gr7-Sc-Ch13 00:05:00
Ch 15: Light
Gr7-Sc-Ch15 00:05:00
Ch 16: Water: A Precious Resource
Gr7-Sc-Ch16 00:05:00
Ch 17: Forests: Our Lifeline
Gr7-Sc-Ch17 00:05:00
Ch 18: Wastewater Story
Gr7-Sc-Ch18 00:05:00
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